◆Nao Inoue , Director of Marumizu-gumi

Representative of Marumizu
She is engaged in trial and error to find a way to spread hand bookbinding and to communicate the fun and richness of hand bookbinding from a variety of angles. She has participated in the bookbinding competition held in Macerata, Italy. She was honored to be selected as one of the 125 masters.

1973 Born in Gyoda City, Saitama prefecture
1997~2002 Studio LIVRE
1998 125 MAESTRI Rilegatori per L'infinitoPrize winner(Italy)
2000 Private Exhibition at Gallery ART SPACE
Opened craft center at home(Marumizu-Gumi)
2001 Marumizu-Gumi ProductsProduction Start
2002 Opening Marumizu-Gumi Web site
2003 Marumizu-Gumi Store retail and wholesale business started
Jan. 2006 Marumizu-Gumi’s shop and the craft center launch operations at Maeno cho, Itabashi-ku
Apr. 2007 Established course outside the office
Dec. 2007 Marumizu-Gumi moved to the new office (Minami Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku


◆Instructors at Marumizu-gumi

Nao Inoue — She teaches bookbinding to all overseas customers.

Aine Uemura— Aine's nickname is "Yon-ne" She teaches bookbinding in various organization.

Yukari Yasuda — Yukari is a miniature book binding artist in Japan. Artist name is "kina_ze"

Hataoridori — Desktop publishing teacher and webmaster of the Marumizu-gumi site.