Marumizu-gumi features both work shop and store.
You are welcome to our work shop and store, where you can see/purchase materials and tools and talk to us about the bookbinding techniques.

Please feel free to visit us at any time during opening hour.
If you have any specific question/wish, please contact wit us before your visit.
Our staff is looking forward to seeing you!

Your feedback is always welcome.

Japanese online-shop is already available.


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◆Office of Marumizu-Gumi

Ground floor Sunrise Mansion
1-4-9 Minami Tokiwadai, Itabashi-ku
Tokyo, Japan 174-0072
Business hours
11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Regular holiday
Every Tuesday and Wednesday
8 minutes from the south exit of Naka-itabashi station, Tobu Tojo Line
How to get to Marumizu-gumi from the nearest train station (TJ05 Tobu tojo line Naka-itabashi)
Take south exit and turn right,  go down the street to a traffic light  (about 250m). 
Turn right at the traffic light and pass a bridge, go straight for 50m after the bridge
you will find Marumizu- gumi at the left.

◆Request from the Shop

Customers coming by car are asked to use the metered parking.Please understand that the space in front of the shop is shared with the condominium residents and customers do not have permission to park there.You may park motorcycles or bicycles in front of the shop.


The Marumizu-Gumi location features a craft center and shop.
The shop sells all of the products also offered on its website.
You can shop as well as ask about bookbinding and related materials and tools.

*Regarding questions about bookbinding*
Only advice can be given in the store. If you want more in depth knowledge about bookbinding, please ask about taking lessons or purchasing a kit or instructional book.
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